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Why Choose a Plant Based Diet?

Plant Based = Planet Based

Healthier Planet


Healthier Animals


Healthier Lifestyle


There's a new way now.

1) We Need A Healthier Planet

Approximately 9,463 Liters (2,500 gallons) of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef.

If all cows worldwide were a country – they would be the 3rd largest contributor of green house emissions.

Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change, by reducing animal consumption you are helping lower your carbon emissions.

2) We Need A Healthier Compassionate Food Source

An estimated...

50 Billion Chickens

1.4 Billion Pigs

302 Million Cows

Are killed every year for human consumption.

Solution? Eat Beans, not beings.

3) We Need a Healthier You

Having a plant based diet can lead to lower rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease than those who eat meat.

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Being on a plant based diet will improve your overall health As you are making better choices on what you put into your body.

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Meat often is loaded with cholesterol and saturated fat, which can contribute to heart issues when eaten in excess. So by cutting back on meat and loading up on plant based foods, you’re doing your heart a favour.

Athletes who swear by a plant based diet:

● Lewis Hamilton (6 time Formula 1 Champion)
● Kyrie Irving (NBA Player)
● Derrick Morgan (NFL Player)
● Heather Mitts (3 time Gold medalist)

● Venus Williams (Tennis Champion)  

● Many more

Celebrities who chose to follow a plant based diet:

● Zac Efron

● Beyonce

● Bill Clinton

● Ellie Goulding

● Natalie Portman

● Madonna

● Ariana Grande

● Venus Williams

● Miley Cyrus

● Liam Hemsworth

● Many more

To start, all we ask is for you to try a plant based diet once a week for one year

If we all did this, we would make a significant positive impact to our planet, friendly animal companions, & health 💚


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