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What plants are used to make the Zoglo’s products?

All of our products are either made with Non-GMO Soy or Non-GMO Beans; such as peas, faba beans and mung beans. There are also other vegetables that are used for different products, such as: beets, lentils, carrots, red bell peppers, quinoa, mushrooms and more!


How do I use plant based products?

All of our Zoglo’s plant based products can be substituted for traditional meat without compromising taste, texture, protein & quality. See our recipe page for inspiration.


Do Zoglo’s products contain preservatives?

None of our Zoglo’s products contain any preservatives.


Do Zoglo’s products contain any nitrates?

None of our Zoglo’s products contain any nitrates.


Where can I buy Zoglo’s products?

Please see the ‘Where to Buy’ section on our website.


Are all Zoglo’s products vegan? 

Yes, all Zoglo’s products are 100% plant based and vegan. 


Do your products contain any lactose?

None of our Zoglo’s products contain any lactose and are considered lactose free.


Are any of your products Gluten Free?

The only gluten free product is the Zoglo’s Original Falafels.

Are Zoglo's products halal?

Most of the Zoglo's Incredible products are Halal. Zoglo's Original are not. Please check the packaging for more details. 

Are all of Zoglo’s products Kosher?

All Zoglo's products are OU and some are also Badatz. Please check each product page for products Kashrut level/certification. 


Do your products contain eggs?

None of Zoglo’s products contain any eggs, however, by law we are required to add ‘may contain eggs’ on some of our packaging since they are made in a facility that uses egg white powder in a different line of products.


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