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About Us

We are extremely proud of our wide range of plant based food offerings!

We have over 25 plant-based non-GMO, nitrate free products to choose from and use in your everyday cooking as a meat substitute or to consume regardless of your dietary preferences.

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We didn't invent plant based food, we’ve been perfecting it for over 25 years!

With the guidance of our Chief Culinary Officer, and Award-winning Chef, Pino Di Cerbo, he makes it impossbile to run out of plant based recipe ideas. There are an infinite amount of versatile recipe and meal ideas to be had when you use Zoglo’s products.

Looking for inspiration on what to cook up tonight? Check out our recipe section!

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Our Story

Since 1987

Zoglo’s has been using leading-edge technology to create plant-based food solutions that deliver on superior taste, value and innovation.

The excellent research and development work conducted at Zoglo’s laboratories combined with the feedback from our valued vegetarian and vegan customers, enabled us to continuously perfect our line of meat alternative products and offer our customers in North America, Europe and Australia a wide range of wholesome, tasty and easy to prepare products.

We know consumers are hungry for meat alternatives, and this year, Zoglo’s is proud to introduce you to our new line of 100% plant protein, Zoglo’s products. Our new range of 12 delicious plant-based food products will satisfy a variety of cooking occasions for anyone looking to add more plant-based foods to their diets. To top it off, all the products are nutrient-rich, non-GMO and nitrate-free.

Our Mission:

Inspiring sustainable practices and making the world a better place, one plant-based meal at a time.

Look for Zoglo’s products at your favourite major supermarket near you!

Our products are limitless in their uses, with amazing taste, texture and satisfaction that is also very affordable!

Try us today, you will love us tomorrow 🌱💚

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