We know that your health, and the food you eat is important to you. We answer some of your commonly asked questions.

Do Zoglo’s products contain preservatives?

None of our Zoglo’s products contain preservatives.

Do Zoglo’s products contain any nitrates?

None of our Zoglo’s products contain any nitrates.

Where can I buy Zoglo’s products?

Please see the ‘Where to Buy’ section on our website.

Are all Zoglo’s products vegan?

Yes, all Zoglo’s products are 100% plant based and vegan. With the exception of the Zoglo’s Wonton Kreplach, which is vegetarian.

Do your products contain any lactose?

None of our Zoglo’s products contain any lactose and are considered lactose free.

Are all of Zoglo’s products Kosher?

Yes, all of Zoglo’s products are Kosher under the OU supervision and some are Badatz.

What type of Soy are Zoglo’s products made with?

All Zoglo’s products are made with Non GMO soy.

Do your products contain eggs?

All Zoglo’s products do not contain any eggs, however, by law we are required to add ‘may contain eggs’ on our packaging since our products are made in a facility that uses egg white powder in a different line of products. 

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