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Listing Zoglo's Plant-Based Products with Food Basic & Marché Adonis Supermarket Chains In Ontario and Quebec

Toronto, ON – February 8, 2022: Zoglo’s (CSE: ZOG) (FSE: 7UT) (“Zoglo’s” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce the listing of its Zoglo's plant-based product line with all Food Basics (“Food Basics”) supermarket locations across Ontario and Marché Adonis (“Marché Adonis”) supermarket locations across Ontario and Quebec, further expanding its retail footprint in the Canadian market. The Zoglo’s line which includes consumer favourites such as chicken strips, meatballs, and burgers will be available in an additional 157 storefronts in Ontario and Quebec, as a result of this new partnership.

Food Basics, a subsidiary of Metro Inc. (“Metro”), was founded in 1995 with a focus to provide customers with discount savings on all of their grocery needs to give them an "Always More for Less" shopping experience. Today, Food Basics operates in over 142 stores exclusively in Ontario. Marché Adonis, of which Metro is also a majority shareholder as of 2011,  was founded in 1979 by two Lebanese brothers and a friend inspired by Middle Eastern, Lebanese, and Mediterranean influences has 15 storefronts across Ontario and Quebec.

“We are pleased to work with great retailers such as Food Basics and Marché Adonis to bring Zoglo’s innovative and delectable plant-based products to even more consumers across the country,” said Anthony Morello, CEO of Zoglo’s. “The rollout further strengthens our brand and availability across Canada while doing our part in bringing healthier food options to our consumers and the planet.”

For a full breakdown of all Zoglo’s products and where they can be purchased, please visit the Company’s product section on its website.

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Zoglo’s is a publicly-traded plant-based food company which offers nutrient-rich, plant-based appetizers, veggies, and meat substitutes to fulfill consumers needs for all occasions and cooking requirements. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Zoglo’s currently offers 14 products through its Traditional Green Box product line and aims to offer 12 innovative products for the mainstream market through its new Zoglo’s Black Box product line. Over the past 25 years, Zoglo’s products have been in distribution in over 1,300 retail stores across Canada including Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobeys and Loblaws, and has representation in the United States and Europe. The Company trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker: ZOG and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker: 7UT. 

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Anthony Morello

Director and CEO

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