Adding Bill Ivany a Food Industry Executive to the Board of Directors

Bill Ivany is a well-known food industry executive who retired as president of Tree of Life last year and has 35 years of experience in the CPG sector.


Zoglo's Incredible Food Corp (CSE:ZOG) said it has added Bill Ivany, a seasoned executive in the consumer-packaged goods sector, to the company’s board of directors effective Monday, September 13, 2021. 

Ivany is an experienced food industry executive with a history of leading and overseeing sales, operations, and supply chain departments at international consumer packaged goods organizations and brands. 

Over more than three decades, Ivany has held multiple leadership roles with companies such as Melita Canada, Marsham International Food Brokers and Kehe subsidiary, Tree Of Life Canada. 

"It is an honour to be serving on the board of Zoglo's and partake in its journey to becoming a leading plant-based food brand. I look forward to working with my fellow board members and company executives to ensure the long-term success of this innovative business,” Ivany said in the statement. 

"We welcome Bill to our board and look forward to integrating his treasure trove of industry acumen to Zoglo's," said CEO, Anthony Morello. "He has built an illustrious career in consumer goods and his experience will accelerate our growth."

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