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Zoglo's Incredible Goes Canada-wide at FreshCo

So, it’s come to our attention that some of our readers still don’t know where to find our Incredible™ products (with so many plant- based meat alternatives out there…who can blame you?)

And you know we can’t leave our Zoglo’s fam hanging!


From June 2nd to June 8thall 12 of Zoglo’s Incredible™ products will be found in all FreshCo grocery stores Canada-wide for $3.99/ea!

You can now find some of our crowd favourites like the Zoglo’s Incredible Cutlet™, the Zoglo’s Incredible 3 Mushroom Burger™ or the Zoglo’s Incredible Ground™They will grace the aisles of each and every FreshCo across Canada!


No FreshCo near you? No problem!

Where else?

Now don’t go thinking that FreshCo and Walmart are the ONLY places you can buy any of our 12 Zoglo’s Incredible™ products!

You can also find our plant-based meat at the following locations!


Select Walmart Stores



Highland Farms

Food Basics 


Grocery Gateway

*Calgary Co-op

Loblaws Supermarket

*Stores that carry our products online!

Or use this handy-dandy store locator to find a Zoglo’s Incredible carrier nearest to you!

With our expanded grocery lineup, it has never been easier to grab ingredients to make hearty meals like Chef Pino's Big Vegan Burger,  Plant-Based Incredible Ground with Avocado and Pickled Red Onion, Plant Based French Toast and Sausage Links or even his famous Plant Based Shepherd's Pie

Plant-Based Shepherd's Pie

If it’s one thing you absolutely MUST take from this article, it’s this:

June 2nd to June 8th - Zoglo's Incredible™ products are available at FreshCo for $3.99/each!

See you then and happy shopping! xx

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