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Why Does Plant Based Meat Resemble Real Meat?

Word on the street is that plant-based meat is the newest thing on the block! 

And guess what? It’s here to stay.

In fact, sales of plant-based foods in Canada grew by 16% for the year ending 2019!

At this rate, according to a poll done by VeganStrong, many people believe that we could be entirely meat free by 2039.

You heard it right folks, the future COULD be meat free!

So, plant-based meat is cool and all...but why is it made to look like real meat?

That popular meme where 2 versions of Spiderman are looking and pointing at each other

We already know of its nutritional and environmental benefits. Why go the extra mile to make it look, taste and smell like meat too?

Have no fear, the Zoglo's Incredible™ team is here to explain why!

1)  It Makes For A Smooth Transition

We understand how hard it can be to break old habits.

While it IS super easy to go plant-based, it can be a little challenging for hard-core meat lovers to make the switch.

In fact, a small 2009 study revealed that it can take between 18 to 254 days to adjust one’s habits.

A person is standing on two arrows. One foot is on an arrow that says "Habits" and the other foot is on an arrow that says "changes".

It may sound tough but it’s doable!

When meat alternatives look, smell and taste like the real deal, it makes it a whole lot easier for anyone to adjust their eating habits.

Just think, you can eat those juicy burgers, yummy sausage links and mouth watering beef strips all while enjoying the nutrients that meatless meats have to offer.

Now that’s a bargain if ever I heard one!

2) A Lot More Options

Lots of different plant-based dishes are on a table. A couple hands are reaching out to grab their food

To all of our vegans, flexitarians and plant-based eaters out there, how many times have you gone out to eat and the only option they have available for non-meat eaters is salad?

Now don’t get us wrong. We’re no strangers to really good salads.

They’re versatile, easy to make and really yummy! (Our personal favourite for the season is the Kale Citrus Salad).

That being said, we would like our menu options to be a bit more diverse than minor variations of the same salad!

That’s why plant-based meat companies in Canada like Gardein, Modern Meat and Zoglo’s Incredible™ work so hard to provide their customers with almost-perfect replicas of your favourite meats!

Heck, even some of your fast-food faves are on the plant-based wave too!

Restaurants such as A&W, Hero Certified Burgers and Harvey’s offer plant-based burgers that are just as good as the real thing. (Some may even argue that it's better than the real thing!)

Just like any ole burger, these well-marinated patties are topped with your choice of fresh vegetables and savoury sauces. 

What’s the difference you ask? Well, you just have to taste it to find out! 

3) Less Social Consequences

A small group of friends are sitting around a table, talking, laughing and eating.

People make dietary choices based on a multitude of reasons. 

Whether these reasons are:

  • Religious
  • Cultural
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Environmental
  • or Personal

The decision they make is perfectly valid and is therefore treated as such.

More often than not, vegans, flexitarians and plant-based eaters are on the receiving end of jokes that refer to their dietary choices and/or restrictions.

While seemingly harmless, these jokes can be of great annoyance to plant-based eaters and can discourage them from eating out with friends, attending family celebrations and can even revert them to eating a meat- inclusive diet.

In fact, a study from the Humane Society found 84% of people who quit eating animal products eventually change their mind and revert to a meat-inclusive diet.

Some of this is part due to the social alienation that these plant-based eaters may face.

Meatless meat can help alleviate (or even completely remove) social anxieties that can come with being the only plant-based eater in a group of (primarily) meat eaters!

Why else do you think plant-based meat resembles real meat? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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