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What is World Vegan Day? Answering Your Vegan Day FAQs!

Hey Zoglo’s fam, in honour of World Vegan Day, we’ve compiled a list of vegan FAQs and answered them all for you below!

What is world vegan day?

According to the lovely people at Days of the Year, World Vegan Day is a celebration of veganism and has officially been around as of November 1st 1994! 

World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated by vegans around the world every November 1st. The benefits of veganism for humans and the natural environment are celebrated through activities such as setting up stalls, hosting potlucks, and planting memorial trees.

Why do people go plant-based? 

Findings from recent series - Consumer Perspectives on Plant-based meat tell us that people go plant based for three reasons

However, Zoglo's team came up with 5 more reasons why people go plant-based!

  1. Plant-based foods are great for your immune system and overall health!

  2. Plant-based meats are tasty and are quick to cook with! (No lactose, no GMO and no Trans Fat!)

  3. It’s good for the planet! (Eating plant-based can actually reduce your carbon footprint from food by up to 73%)

  4. The plant based industry is becoming affordable! (When compared to the prices of meat based diets)

  5. They taste amazing! (I mean... just LOOK at this dish!)

plant based cutlets

    What are the different types of vegan diets? 

    Vegan diets come and go but these types of vegan diets listed by Healthline are definitely here to stay!

    We’ve listed them below!

    Dietary vegan

    • People who remove animal products from their diets but continue to use them in other products, such as clothing and cosmetics.

    Plant Based (Also Vegetarian) 

    • People who remove meat and seafood from their diet, however still eat other animal products such as eggs and cheese.  


    • A person who does not eat meat but eats fish.

    Semi-Vegetarian or Flexitarian

    • A combination of the words “flexible” and “vegetarian.” It’s a cross between full vegan and vegetarian with the ability to enjoy animal products every so often.

    Whole-food vegans

    • People who prefer diets that are rich in whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

    Raw-food vegans

    • People who only eat foods that are raw or cooked at very low temperatures

    Low-fat, raw-food vegans (aka fruitarians)

    • People who limit the use of nuts, avocados and coconuts in their diets and opt for fruit instead.

    Why are vegans becoming more and more popular? 

    • There are more and more plant based food options in grocery stores and it's becoming easier than ever to become a vegan or switch to a plant based diet.
    • With global warming becoming more of a pressing issue everyday, many people have turned to vegan diets to help solve this growing problem.

      • With more people working from home (due to the pandemic) there are more opportunities for individuals to try different diets.
      • Animal welfare is also a big reason, as people are starting to realize how animals are treated in the meat industry, specifically in slaughterhouses.  

      Is veganism becoming viral?

      • Veganism has been popular for as long as we can remember! Therefore, it’s not surprising that it’s viral. In fact, #Vegan has more than 14 billion video views on Tik Tok (which is way more than #Salad, #Burger & #Fries combined!)

      All in all, we’d like to thank the vegan community!

      Thank you for keeping our planet safe!

      Thank you for creating such a welcoming community!

      And most importantly, thank you for choosing Zoglo’s!

      Because of you, we can continue doing what we love….making Incredible™ plant-based meat and dishes!


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