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The 28 Day Meatless Challenge!

Hey Zoglo’s fam!

    Are you up for a challenge? 👀  We sure are!

    Now, you’ve probably heard of the “Flip the Switch Challenge”, the “Patience Challenge” or even the “Korean Fire Noodle Challenge” (I mean...what else are we supposed to do during a pandemic?)

    For Veganuary, Chef Pino has created his own challenge, the The 28 Day Meatless Challenge! He is challenging you to attempt at least 1 (or 5...or 10...or all 28!) meatless dishes!

    ➡️Sign up here ⬅️

    Starting January 2, 2022 Chef Pino will share his meatless creations with you. You will receive 1 email a week and it will contain (you guessed it!) his 7 mouth-watering meatless recipes for that week. They are guaranteed to help you start off 2022 right! (and maybe knock a few items off your New Year’s resolution list!)

    You also get a weeks shopping list to make 7 dinners for a family of 4.

    If you share your meatless creations throughout the challenge you have a chance to win a $25 grocery gift card! 

    28 Recipes / 28 days / 1 winner every day / $25 gift cards

    What is The 28 Day Meatless Challenge?

    Chef Pino makes 1 meatless dish and posts them on Instagram everyday for 28 days! 

    From Maple Glazed Meatless Tenders to Meatless Fajitas, the recipes are nothing short of easy and tasty! 

    Do you have what it takes to make 2022 the year you give a plant based diet a try?

    All you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps to participate!

    A man taking notes

    Step 1 : 

    Sign up here and follow us on Instagram 

    Step 2 : 

    Cook your own meatless dish

    Step 3 :

    Post pictures of your meatless creation on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok

    Step 4 :

    Tag us and use the hashtag #28DayMeatlessChallenge

    And that's it, you'll be in the running for a $25 Grocery Gift Card!

    What Kind of Recipes Can I Expect to Receive?

    Each of these 28 meatless recipes will be:

    ✅ Nutritious

    ✅ Healthy

    ✅ Tasty

    ✅ Affordable

    ✅ Quick and Easy to Make

    🌱 Meatless (of course)

    Why Should I Go Meatless?

    We have 3 BIG reasons why you should go meatless!

    1) Meatless diets can save the planet

    • Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change.

    2) Meatless diets can save animals

    • Billions of animals are slaughtered each year. Eating meatless can reduce this amount.

    3) Meatless diets can save YOU

    • Having a balanced plant-based diet can lead to lower rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

    Start the year off right with some affordable and creative plant-based recipes!

    Think you're up for the challenge? 💪 🌱 


    ➡️Sign up here ⬅️

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