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12 Day of Airfrying Zoglo's Holiday Apps Contest Alert!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Zoglo’s has a new HOLIDAY contest and it includes a few collabs, NEW recipes and a pretty perfect prize (only if you follow the contest rules of course!).

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Alright…we won’t keep you in suspense for much longer. We have all the answers to your burning questions right here!

What’s The Name Of The Contest?

Since this contest was made JUST in time for those holiday parties, get-togethers and potlucks, we appropriately named it “The 12 Days of Air Frying Zoglo's Holiday Apps”. 

Yup! That’s 12 days of easy-to-make and affordable plant-based appetizers that include an air fryer and an assortment of plant-based ingredients.

How Do I Win?

The rules are as easy (to follow) as the recipes! All you have to do is this:

…And that’s it! Once you complete those steps, you’ll be in the running for an illustrious prize (keep scrolling to figure out what it is).

Who Will We Be Collaborating With?

You heard right…YOU are part of this collaboration as much as we are! Chef Pino includes them in his recipes and it’s up to you to make them! 

If you would like to participate be sure to use #12DaysOfAirfrying in your posts! 

For those 12 Days of Air Frying Holiday Appetizers, we’ll be creating recipes along with some household names:

Recognize any of these plant-based and gluten free alternatives?

What Kinds of Recipes Can I Expect to See?

Each recipe will be an appetizer that includes one of our plant-based meats and an air fryer! 

Take those air fryers off the shelves and dust them folks, you’ll be using it for each and every one of these recipes!

Whether you enjoy these appetizers in a group or all by yourself, these 12 recipes will make you fall in love with our meatless meats all over again!

Where Can I Expect To See These Recipes?

Your one-stop-shop for The 12 Days of Air frying Zoglo's Holiday Apps is here!

Everyday, we’ll release a new plant-based recipe for you to try (and love). 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to get the recipe deets as soon as they come out!


If you would like to receive the recipes via email, you can add your email by CLICKING HERE. 

What’s the Grand Prize?

Of course there’s a prize involved! I mean, would it REALLY be a Zoglo’s Holiday contest if there weren’t any presents?

That being said, in the spirit of gift giving and convenient cooking, the lucky winner will receive a brand new air fryer! 

Now THAT’S how you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

If you would like to participate be sure to use #12DaysOfAirfrying in your posts! 

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