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Can Plant-Based Meat Combat Climate Change?

We’ve heard time and time again that plant-based meat is eco friendly.

But, do you know HOW it’s eco-friendly?

According to the Good Food Institute, plant-based meat emits 30%–90% less greenhouse gases than conventional meat.

(So basically, making one of Chef Pino’s Plant Based Double Bacon Cheeseburger can potentially help the planet more than buying a Big Mac can!)

No, but seriously...

The biggest contributor to greenhouse gases is meat.

What's one way to combat this you ask?

Why, investing in plant-based meat companies of course!

Investing in your local plant-based meat company can result in the biggest reduction in GHG emissions of all sectors

Don't believe us?

Just take a look at this graphic done by the Boston Consulting Group earlier this month.

Food for Thought: The Untapped Climate Opportunity in Alternative Proteins | The Boston Consulting Group, 08 July 2022

According to the above graph, plant-based proteins have already saved more than 4 billion tons of CO2.

But did you know that there’s actually another reason why plant based meat is better than animal meat?

Answer: For the amount of damage that producing conventional meat causes the environment, it does NOT provide us nearly enough nutrients

Still not convinced?

Our friends over at The Guardian deduced that livestock production (which uses 83% of our global farmland) only provides 18% of our total calories and only counts for 37% of all the protein we consume.

So what can you gather from this?

Plant-based meats not only help the environment but they have the ability to provide us with more nutrients than conventional meat can!

Knowing this, Matthew Glover, founder of UK non-profit organization Veganuary, worked alongside former investment banker, Alexandra Clark and MVK Group founder Manish Karani to create the fund, Sentient Ventures.

While this fund does help any small businesses that are trying to move on up in the plant-based industry,

Glover outlined the two main goals of such a great financial initiative:

1) Changing the Food System to Change the World

It’s no surprise that animal agriculture is causing environmental havoc.

Not only does it add to global carbon dioxide emissions (up to 14.5% of it!) but it also:

  • Drives deforestation
  • Encourages habit destruction
  • Uses up valuable resources (like fresh water)
  • Raises some serious concerns around animal cruelty

That’s why Sentient Ventures was born…”out of both passion and frustration”, says Glover.

Frustration at the state of the food system and passion for the new solutions that the founders are coming up with to create a more sustainable and humane food system.

2)  Plant-Based Food: An Industry That’s On the Rise

By 2030, the plant-based meat market is expected to reach a value of about $25 billion, says Grand View Research.

Think that’s wild?

Bloomberg Intelligence suspects that the projected value of plant-based meat will surpass $162 billion within the next 10 years.

That means that now is the BEST time to start investing in plant-based food companies!

(There’s no time better than the present, am I right?)

What do you think? Is plant-based meat an eco-friend or an eco-foe?

Let us know in the comments below!

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