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What is Plant Based Food Week?

This highly anticipated week is upon us folks and you know what that means…

You get front row seats to the ins and out of all things plant-based in Canada!

Plant-Based Milk, Plant-Based Cheese and (of course) Plant-Based Meat.

As per usual, Zoglo’s is here to give you the 4-1-1 on this highly anticipated week.

That means we’re going to give you the scoop on what Plant-Based Food Week is, who’s in charge of it and who will be a part of it (here’s a hint: It includes food enthusiasts like you!) (Beyonce - vegan since 2018)

Q: What is Plant-Based Food Week?

A: The masterminds behind #PlantBasedWeek is none other than Plant-Based Foods of Canada (or PBFC for short)

PBFC acts as a collective voice for the producers of plant-based products in Canada. 

There has been a rise in demand for plant-based foods, I mean…in 2021, a Leger researcher found that 67% of Canadians are already on that plant-based wave.

The creative geniuses at PBFC have decided to come together and create a yearly national (hopefully international) recognized week dedicated towards inspiring Canadians to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets.

AKA ... #PlantBasedWeek 

Whether you’re making a lifestyle change, crossing an item off your New Year’s resolutions list or simply looking for something different to eat, #PlantBasedWeek is all about exploring new options.

Q: When is it?

A: #PlantBasedWeek will be every year from March 21st to March 25th.

Mark your calendars well people, this week is not to be missed!

Q: Who's participating in Plant-Based Food of Canada?

A: Well…there’s a lot actually. Just to name a few, there’s Dole, Earth’s Own, Kellogg’s, Daiya, and (of course) Zoglo’s.

Curious to see who else is a member of Plant Based Foods of Canada? Check out this list on the PBFC website to learn more.

Be prepared because this list is extensive and GROWING! 

(To be expected from the people that are committed to providing you with a wide variety of plant-based alternatives, policies and regulations in the space.)


Q: What can I do during Plant-Based Food Week?

A: Well, a better question to ask would be what CAN’T you do during Plant-Based Food Week.

You’ll get to learn about the many plant-based options available in Canada, choose between 50+ meatless recipes made by our award winning Chef, Chef Pino, and the opportunity to try something new!

Discover innovative plant-based products, like our famous 3 Mushroom Burger or our customer favourite Plant Based Tenders. Plant-based has never tasted so good.

Here are 2 recipes made with the above mentioned Zoglo's products: 


We couldn’t be more excited for #PlantBasedWeek, and we encourage you to take part in whatever way feels right to you – whether it’s making a simple swap or trying out a new recipe!

Join us for #PlantBasedWeek and try incorporating more plant-based foods in your meal plans. 

Itching to know more? Check out the Plant-Based Foods of Canada website! (You won’t be disappointed).

Lastly, the plant-based food industry is a powerful tool in combating climate change and achieving many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Small changes, like participating in #PlantBasedWeek, have a big impact!

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